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I am a 2020 Penn State graduate, where I studied music under Velvet Brown. Having been part of the Penn State Tuba Euphonium studio, and having surrounded myself with many talented low brass players in college, much of my music is written for tuba, euphonium, and trombone.

My first piece "Horizons" for tuba euphonium ensemble was premiered at the 2019 International Tuba Euphonium Conference in Iowa. Since then, I've written music for tuba, electronics, piano, and brass band. In addition to composition, as a recording studio engineer at Penn State's School of Music, I worked with students and professors to track and mix high quality recordings.


"Horizons" is a three movement piece for Tuba Euphonium ensemble takes the listener through the transformation the sky makes from the end of one day, to the beginning the next. In writing this music, I drew inspiration from my impression of the literal colors seen when looking at the sky during these times of day and night, as well as inspiration from possible symbolic interpretations of this kind of change: the end of one thing, transformation, and the start of another. Score and instrument parts are avalible for purchase at Potenza Music.

The Phantom Keeper OST

In 2021, I was contracted by Pine Drake Games to compose the soundtrack for a project called "The Phantom Keeper". We completed a demo of the project, available on Steam.

Through the Dark

Through the Dark is a piece for Tuba, Electronics, Piano, and Percussion. It was commissioned by the tuba player, and good friend, heard in the recording below.

Since you scrolled this far...

Check out this episode in College Marching's "Take the Field" documentary series made while I was in Penn State's marching band in 2018. I look back fondly on playing in the band, and I think this documentary does a fantastic job illustrating why.